Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Ellee

Happy Birthday my Sweet Baby Girl!

One year ago today Ellee, I had you. It is hard for me to believe that it has been a year already.

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with you. It was September 2007. Jackson and I were at home and Daddy was at work. I decided to take Jackson to Daddy's work in Auburn and have him tell Daddy he was about to have a little brother or sister somehow. Jackson wasn't really talking yet he was only 17 months old. I dressed Jackson in a T-shirt Daddy wore when he was a little boy that said, "I'm the little brother." I taped paper with the word "big" on it over the word little, so it said I'm the big brother. Jackson and I really surprised Daddy. Jackson ran up to Daddy and he read the shirt and tears came to his eyes. We were so excited!

I'll never forget the day we found out you were a girl. We actually had our ultrasound about two weeks or so before Christmas, but asked the ultrasonographer to write if you were a boy or a girl in a card we brought. He did and sealed the envelope. We set it on the tree and decided to wait for Christmas morning to open the best present ever. It was absolutely the longest couple of weeks in my life! I was so excited to find out though. Daddy said I could open it and I had to read it over and over again to make sure I was reading what the ultrasonographer had really written-that he was 98% sure it was a girl! I had a really good cry~Thank You!

The day I went into labor with you Daddy, Jackson and I were up at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Kirkland for dinner. It was April 29th and I didn't even think I was close to having you, as your delivery date was May 12. Apparently I was wrong. As we drove home that night I began to have contractions, they were very sparatic though, not at all what I experienced with your brother. I still didn't believe this could be it. I was 2 weeks early. It was a Sunday night and I even went to bed and watched some TV, as I thought it still were not true. Daddy fell asleep as I began timing the contractions, I finally woke him and said I think this is it, but still wasn't sure. I called the hospital three times and finally just decided to go. Actually I think Daddy decided.

It was about 1:30 in the morning and Daddy called everyone to tell them we were going to the hospital to have our baby girl. Papa came to be with Jackson and many others came to the hospital to wait for you. Nana was there, Grandma and Grandpa McGowan, Auntie Naomi, Tina, Erin and Heidi and Auntie Lois. Mommy's friends Lindsey and Rebecca were also there to meet you. You finally graced us with your presence at 6:59 am, April 30, 2007. We knew your name, but decided not to tell anyone else until you were born. Jackson knew, but for some reason no one thought to ask him.

You have a very special name. I didn't know it was yours until the beginning of March that year. You were named after my Nannie. Leila Lenora. Her family and close friends called her Lee, that is why your name is spelled the way it is.

I cried tears of joy when you were born and when I shared your name with everyone in the room, Ellee Lenora. You were and are a special gift to us! I remember thinking when I held you for the first time how blessed and lucky I was to have you.

You are a really sweet and good baby! It takes me doing something really silly to get you to smile, but when you do it melts my heart. I really think you are taking time to take it all in and concentrate on what's around you. You laugh the hardest at silly things your brother does. You love to watch him. You also love to throw all of your toys and blankets out of your crib. I often come in your room and find them everywhere. Another thing you like to do is take your socks off, whether in your crib (you like to throw those out onto the floor as well) or in the car. For some reason you don't like to wear socks.

I am so lucky that God chose you to be my daughter! I love you so much and want nothing but the absolute best for you now and always!
You are amazing!

Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!



I Love You!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

We took the train to the Mariners game with the Eyfords. They played the Oakland Athletics. The Mariners lost 4-2, but we had fun regardless! Here are a couple of the Mariners biggest and cutest fans! Jackson & Jackson
Jackson & Sophia
Jackson really wanted to catch a homerun ball. We sat in the left field bleachers, but none were hit to the second deck. 7th inning stretch "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
Oh wait....He's also the Seahawk 12th Man!
We had a fun day, but we're exhausted!

Ellee's 1st Birthday

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dentist Visit

I took Jackson to the dentist for the first time this morning. Before I share what the dentist told me let me just say "WOW" to the dentist office. I would have loved going to the dentist if I went to this one as a child! I know some of you have already been there, but for those of you that haven't-the office is in the Sunrise Medical Campus on South Hill and is nothing I could have ever imagined. There was a carousel, 2 arcade games, a castle with a slide and a train table in the waiting room! Jackson knew he was there to see the dentist the "tooth doctor" as we told him, but had no idea there would be so many fun things to do.

Jackson marched right into the room with the dentist when he called his name. The dentist started some small talk with Jackson. He was so comfortable with him he was answering his questions and giving him additional information. (he had a baseball birthday party etc. -you know, the important stuff) I sat him on the chair, he laid down when we asked him to, let the dentist put sunglasses on him so he could turn on his light and opened his mouth. I really hope our next visit will be this smooth.

So, back to Jackson's tooth. The dentist said there is slight movement with it and it can take weeks for a tooth to heal and it can also take weeks for a tooth to die. Pretty much I don't know much more! The dentist told me what to look for in Jackson's gum above the tooth if the tooth were dying, so I guess that's all I can do for now. He wants to see him Mid-June to take an X-ray and see which path the tooth took. (Hopefully the healing path) He also wants to pay close attention to what impact, if any, the fall had on his permanent tooth. (Yikes!)

After his visit, Jackson was given a token to put in a machine for a toy. He picked the one that had bugs. He got a beetle. He was so excited. The two ladies working in the office were talking to him about it. Jackson then began to tell them that there was a
beetle in his bed. I had to explain the story. He then added he eats bugs and I said no you don't. He corrected me and said, sugar bugs. Apparently what I say, IS sinking in. Before we went to the dentist, I told him the tooth doctor was going to look for the sugar bugs in his mouth!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another First

No, this isn't another throw up all over yourself story. This is about Jackson's first bloody nose and almost front teeth knock out! I can't handle my kids injuries. I woke up a few times last night just worried about him! This is probably totally normal and I now have a lifetime of worrying. Jackson has had stitches, 2 staples and now this-I think this is the worst yet because I have to wait a couple days to take him to the dentist and get some answers.

Jackson tripped on a bag of all things and fell flat on his face/nose/mouth. His nose started bleeding immediately, which wouldn't have been that bad if that was all. After we got his nose to stop bleeding and cleaned him up we checked his mouth. Sure enough there was blood on his front tooth. That is when I panicked. Of course a million thoughts ran through my mind of what could be wrong with or happen to his front tooth. So I called the Woodcreek Pediatrics phone nurse (this is Friday night about 5:30) she tells me they can't do anything for tooth injuries-makes sense I guess and says if the bleeding doesn't stop to take him to the ER since all dentists are closed and that is who we really need to see. The bleeding stopped soon after and I thought Jackson was in the clear. Well this morning he has a pretty bad bruise on his gum right above the same tooth. I'm freaked out all over again! I called a pediatric dentist office and the voice mail gave me the dentist's cell phone number for emergencies. I called, of course! He told me he wants to see him. I have to set up an appointment Monday and they will fit him in.

Please keep Jackson in your prayers! Poor little guy.
This has been a rough week for him!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Puyallup Spring Fair

We went to the Puyallup Spring Fair late Thursday afternoon. (There is snow in the forecast...notice the date of this post!!!!!! Not okay!)

Even though it was cold, Jackson and Ellee had a blast.

Daddy-o was a trooper!
Jackson talks about the fair whenever we drive by it. Lucky for me it's at least once a week on our way to Daycare. He likes to recall the rides he has been on and informs me he is going to go on them again. He was so happy he got to go. Ellee was pretty much happy because she got to sit in the wagon like a "big girl."
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First For Everything!

Um....Ya! I think I was officially welcomed to Motherhood today at Restoration Hardware at the outlet mall in Marysville! I don't know what I did to deserve this pleasant experience....I hope it is the absolute LAST time this happens though!!!!! I don't know if I felt worse for myself or poor Jackson.

Jackson, Ellee and I had been planning for a few days to go up to Grandma McGowan's and go to the outlet mall with her. We picked Grandma up around 11:00 and headed up. We each had a stroller with a kid. Grandma had Ellee and I had Jackson. (I chose poorly this day-Just Kidding!) We did a little was really overwhelming there are so many great stores there, I had a hard time choosing which ones to go in. After going into the Coach store I was so in awe of all the wonderful stores that we do not have anywhere down south that I got too flustered and went into my typical Gymboree, Children's Place etc. Go figure!

The kids were fantastic shoppers! Soon we decided to break for lunch. We all ate really yummy food from Starbucks. Notice nothing seems out of the ordinary right? After lunch we decided to venture back out and I spot Restoration Hardware. I love this store. So Jill and I go our seperate ways with our strollers looking at things. Well a certain, somewhat familiar sound that I have tried to block from my memory comes out of the passenger in my stroller. Ya, it was a little vomit. So I'm thinking well I will just get my baby wipes it's just barely anything. Then there was that sound again....this time it just kept going on and on and on!!! Great! Now I'm thinking I really didn't bring enough wipes for this. It then dawns on me that I am in the middle of Restoration Hardware Jackson is covered in puke from literally head to toe and I need a plan and fast. I glance around for Jill and can't find her. I say her name, still no sign of her. I start to push Jackson toward the door and know I have to find her. I turned and I saw her across the store. I motioned to her and said we are going outside. It took her a few minutes to come out. After talking with her about this later she said I thought it was odd you were leaving, you hadn't even made it through the whole store yet! (She knows that's not like me)

I was standing outside the store with Jackson (it's an outdoor mall) people are passing us by. I'm so in shock I don't even notice what they did when they passed us and I am just staring at him thinking what in the world am I going to do now. Well, I know what I need to do I just don't know where. (This may get a little graphic, but I want all you readers to get a full visual) Let me just say I could not take him out of the stroller at this point. There were chunks and lots of them. If I unbuckled him I would have first and foremost touched the puke. Second, the chunks would have landed all over the ground. Catching my drift. I kept glancing up and down the side walk for a bathroom sign. I must have looked at least 10 times, but nothing appeared. By now Jill had joined my initiation to the "Real Mom Club." I don't even remember what she said when she saw Jackson, I was still in shock. I told her I think I need to get him to a bathroom. She breaks it to me that the nearest one is through the food court-which is not close. Go figure! I was so mortified but I had to do this, I pushed Jackson in his stroller with puke all over him towards the bathrooms. Jackson, by the way, was a champ he didn't even cry or complain too much that he was covered in his own vomit for about 7 minutes. I tried to hide the puke by holding his hat in front of it....What would you have thought if you saw some mom pushing her child in a stroller with vomit all over him or her? Jill said she would have said, "excuse me, but do you know that your child threw-up all over himself?"

About half-way to the "public" bathrooms, Jill suggests we go back and use Starbucks bathroom. It's a one person bathroom and no one else has to witness whatever I'm about to do to solve this issue. We just ate there too, so it's not like we just went and used their bathroom and didn't order anything.

So we head into Starbucks, I ask Jill to block Jackson so the workers can't see that I'm about to take a kid full of puke into their bathroom. We made it, Jackson and I are in the what? I have to touch the puke, oh gosh, I have to touch the puke! I of course did what any mom would do and got some paper towels and tried to remove some of the chunks. I guess I was trying to make it easier on myself. Didn't work! I finally just bite the bullet unbuckle him. Disgusting, it's all over my hands. Now I have to unzip his sweatshirt. I didn't realize so much puke could be on a zipper. I proceed to take all his clothes off and luckily I had just bought him a T-shirt a gymboree, but then I realized he has no pants. So I peeked my head out the door and asked Jill if she could go buy him a pair of pants. While she was gone I finished cleaning him up. I'm not kidding it was about 20 minutes and not one person knocked on the door! Jill came back with a pair of pants just as I was done cleaning him up and he was good to go. Being the nice person that I am, I then cleaned the bathroom. It was the least I could do!

Now not only did Jackson's clothes have puke all over them, but his stroller too, so he couldn't go back in it, he had to walk. Let me tell you, he was so full of energy running around totally fine. WHAT! Not the flu. We didn't experience another throw-up, fever, etc. Jill said it was his way to not have to ride in the stroller. He had been asking all day to get out of the stroller, so she may be on to something!

My advice to all you moms out there: If your child wants out of their stroller, maybe you should listen. The puke may land somewhere other than on themselves!

Well, I'm officially a "Real Mom" now!
Thank You Jackson!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Being Three!!!!! do kids just change overnight or what? Does someone give kids that just turn 3 a little pill or something to make them a completely different child? I never really knew what to think when moms and dads would say, "it's not the terrible 2's, it's the terrible 3's!" Shawn and I totally, 100% agree now and know exactly what those parents are talking about !!!!! By chance did one of you that were at Jackson's Birthday Party slip him something?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Jackson's Birthday and Party!

Jackson at Toys "R" Us

Jackson's Birthday present from Daddy-o! Oh, Boy!

Testing the clubs

The Baseball Birthday Party Team!

I love cupcakes!
.......A Golf Cart-From Papa and Grandma McGowan
What a wonderful Day!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson!

I can't believe my first baby is three today! Since I just started blogging recently I thought I would write to Jackson what happened the day he was born (What I can remember 3 years later, which is better than 18 years later)

Jackson, your Dad and I were so excited to find out we were going to have a baby-YOU! We had been waiting for you for a long time. A few months later we were even more excited to find out that you were a boy! You were going to be the first Grandson on the Pedersen and McGowan side of the family.

I loved the anticipation of waiting to meet you! The doctor told me that your due date was April 5th. A day early was really impressive! The day I went into labor with you, your Dad and I were at Uncle Ryan and Aunt Tina's house in Sumner playing poker. (April 3rd) My contractions were immediately 5 minutes apart and according to the birthing class we took we needed to be at the hospital. Your Daddy drove me home to get my bags and then took me to Good Samaritan Hospital. On the way, Dad decided to call everyone to tell them we were about to have you. Everyone came to wait the arrival of special you! Daddy was there, Nana and Papa Pedersen, Grandma and Papa McGowan, Aunties, Naomi, Tina, Erin and Heidi, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Lois, Mom's friends Rebecca and Lindsey and even Cousin Sophia!

Having you was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. You were an absolute perfect little baby boy and an absolute perfect little boy. I remember holding you for the first time and your little hand wrapped around my pointer finger. It was then that I realized I had an entire lifetime of love in me for you! The next day we realized you had a cute little dimple on your right cheek, like your Daddy's. Little did we know that 3 years later you would be using it to charm those around you. Boy are we in trouble! You were a really, really good baby. You were sleeping through the night at 2 months old-Thank You! You loved to eat anything and everything and you laughed and smiled all the time! Jackson, I mean it when I say, you were a really, really good baby.

You were and are a wonderful addition to our family. I love your kind heartedness to those around you, your manners, your enthusiasm and your expressiveness.I love the way you interact with your sister. I love your smile and ability to light up a room. I love your laugh that makes me laugh! I love your eagerness to learn. I love the way you pray each night with your Daddy before you fall asleep. I even love your persistance to get what you want. All of these qualities and characteristics make you a wonderful boy! I have cherised these years with you as a baby and a toddler. You would tell me now that you are a "big boy" so I guess you are if you are able to tell me that! I will continue to cherish these times with you now that you are a "big boy!" I guess it's true that 3 year olds do have a mind of their own.

You have made me a better person Jackson, Thank You! I truly love you with all my heart! Thank you for being wonderful, amazing YOU! Happy 3rd Birthday!



Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What a face

This is Ellee at 11 months. I can't believe my baby is almost one! She is in love with the camera right now...Good thing because she is always having some kind of photo shoot.
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Jackson's Lingo

A few months ago I started a cute, little nickname for Jackson to call Shawn. I was doing it to tease Shawn. (Bad Sara) I didn't think it would actually has! I think it is the cutest thing in the world. Jackson calls his Dad.....Daddy-o. I haven't heard Jackson call Shawn Daddy for about a month now. It drove him crazy at first and he would refer to me as Mama Mia, but that didn't stick. I think deep down Shawn loves his nickname!