Saturday, November 27, 2010

We are Thankful

We hosted Thanksgiving this year with my side of the Family. We had 12 adults and 6 kids ages 6 and under! We had a blast and enjoyed our time together. Shawn and his Turkey!

My sister, Naomi's daughter Hilary and my cousin, Stephanie's son Ayden.
We have much to be Thankful for!
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Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Web Shooting Spider Man and Playing Kitty!

We are very Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Thanksgiving Break Slumber Party

Jackson and Ellee are finally old enough to handle having a slumber party together. One of the nights over Thanksgiving Break I pulled out Jackson's trundle bed for Ellee to sleep on and they both decided to sleep there. It was actually an easy night....Ellee only got up and tattled on Jackson twice before finally falling asleep and Jackson fell asleep before Ellee. They were both up at 7:30 as well. I told them if they were good this time they may get to do it again. Maybe over Christmas Break.....
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Since we were pretty much "snowed in" and the temperature was in the teens around here the kids worked on many projects. Ellee made a necklace and Jackson put together and painted a model helicopter.
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November Snow

The Beginning......

We had an early snow this year in November which caused school to be cancelled for Jackson, Ellee and I for the 2 days prior to Thanksgiving. We've all had a really nice, long Thanksgiving Break!

This is how much snow I came home to Monday after work, so we had the kids go sledding down the driveway. The windchill factor made the temperature drop somewhere in the was freezing, but the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves! We learned that Ellee is quite the dare devil. She was sledding down the driveway face first, loving every second laughing and squealing the entire time!

The kids ended their night with a nice warm cup of hot cocoa!

Cousin Kennedy

Ellee "sharing" her snack with Kennedy. She's always looking for someone to be in charge of!

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Disney on Ice

Grandma McGowan and I took the kids to Disney on Ice. No one had been before, so we didn't know what to expect. It was great! The kids loved it! Ellee especially loved Cinderella and Jackson loved the green soldiers ice skating from Toy Story.

Thomas, Ellee, Grandma, Marin, Jackson

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat.....

The kids love playing with my Grandpa's oars.

Shawn sanded and stained the oars last spring for me and I didn't LOVE them yet so.....I've started painting them white. Hopefully they will be on my family room wall soon.

Jackson sleeps with only pajama pants on and Ellee always wants to do the same!

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Breakfast Time with Baby

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Wii Dancing

The kids and I love to dance to the Just Dance Wii Game.
Check out Ellee's moves!
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This girl loves to be silly!
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Roller Skating & Yard Work

We had a 70 degree day at the beginning of November. We took full advantage and made sure we were outside as much as possible that day. I even had the kids raking leaves for Daddy-O! They didn't get too far.

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