Thursday, January 29, 2009

Uh Oh!

Jackson: "Mom, Ellee ripped my book! That's really not cool!"
This is the evidence that Ellee really did rip apart Jackson's dinosaur book. So I went into the toyroom to "discipline" her (slap her hand). After I left I heard Jackson say to her, "Ellee, that's naughty! That's why I told on you!"
Well at least he is justifying why he tattled on her. It was pretty sad, he came to me in tears....I'm thankful he doesn't take these matters into his own hands. After hearing his word choices, it was really hard not to laugh....but I contained myself because he was devastated.
Poor book, it was shredded and had to be donated to the garbage.
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Friday, January 23, 2009

PJ Day At Preschool

This was Jackson's first Pajama Day at Preschool. He thought it was so funny to wear your pajamas to school. He was the most excited because his teacher told the class they could also bring anything they sleep with (blankets, stuffed animals etc.) So of course baby and blanket needed to go with. I will blog about them soon:)

Jackson really wanted to wear his Old Navy rocket jammies, but that type are pretty skin tight. As much as we love him in those jammies we couldn't let him go to school in his little skimpies. He'll thank us someday!

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Hair Styles

This was Ellee's first time wearing her hair in a pony tail and pig tails! It barely fits, but I think it's so cute! She sure looks older with her hair like that. I have never cut her hair and I'm growing out her bangs. This is about 21 months worth of growth. It's sure taking awhile!

Shawn said this is why I really needed a be girly with. She doesn't get it yet. I had to chase her around to fix her hair....let the new battle begin!
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Lunch in the Jungle

During Christmas Break I had really hoped to take the kids to The Ra1n Forest Cafe. Since our weather was so crazy and we got stuck on the other side of the pass the day we were supposed to go, I decided now would be a good time! Thank You Grandma McGowan for meeting us there, it was fun!

Ellee had so much fun, she pretty much was squealing and pointing the entire time. At one point I walked over with her to show her the gorillas and they "came to life." She would not take one more step foward, so I had to carry her and then she was fine staring, pointing and looking a bit confused.

Much to my surprise I think Jackson was a little nervous....that was a shock...Seriously! He stopped dead in his tracks when I tried to get him to walk closer to the elephants. We had to explain over and over again that the animals weren't real. He kept saying he knew that, but something still kinda got to him. He was really curious about the gorillas and kept asking when they were going to "wake up" again. He did say he loved it though!

Ellee enjoying the fish!

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Friday, January 09, 2009

A few of their favorite things

Jackson's absolute favorite game right now is Sorry! He amazes me everyday with what he can do, understand and come up with! He told Shawn that if you draw an eleven you get to trade places with an opponent. Shawn looked at me shocked and couldn't believe Jackson new the word, opponent. I told Shawn that's what the card says. Kids have an AMAZING memory!

The other day while Auntie Erin, Jackson and I were playing, I happened to win:) and Jackson looked at Erin and said, we lost, right Erin? We cracked up!

Jackson & Sophia playing Sorry with Auntie Erin and I

Whenever anyone gets a Sorry and sends Jackson back to start, he hits his fist on the table, does this growling sound and says, "I'm so mad at you!" (We're working on that. He is though, however, ok with losing now) Whenever anyone else gets a Sorry and sends someone other than him back to start he asks for a high-five. Do we have a competitor on our hands? You wouldn't have know it from this!

In the past few weeks Jackson has really taken a liking to coloring. I mean really coloring. Either the whole page is colored, or everything on it. Thank goodness! I was getting a little worried when I would see his work posted on the preschool bulletin board and his work wasn't even colored on. I love that he plays with his tongue or sticks it out when he is concentrating so hard.

Since Brother is coloring so is Ellee! We are working on not sneaking crayons in our mouths!

My Dad, Papa, working on the puzzle with Sophia & Jackson


Jackson has a few 25 chunky piece puzzles, but the other day I bought him a 100 piece, 3-D Cars Puzzle. He pretty much can put it together. I just have to help categorize the pieces for him and away he goes!

Hours and hours of fun!


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This is Jackson's Christmas gift from Grandpa and Grandma McGowan. Endless hours of fun, excercise and learning during these cold winter days at our house!
Ellee wants to do whatever big brother is doing. We are so glad Jackson likes to share with her.
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New Years!

We spent our New Years Celebration at the Jacobs' Family Cabin in Cle Elum. I don't know who had more fun, the kids or the big kids (us adults). When 2009 came we decided to go sledding. So much fun! I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time! I honestly don't remember the last time Shawn and I went sledding without the kids. It was as if we were 8 years old again. Trying new jumps and crashing after the jumps was a blast, until we felt the pain the next day!
My favorite was when Becks, Leah and I went down on the sled together, crashed at the bottom and Jake (Beck's son) was at the front door (he woke up) and was looking out at us. Busted Becks! Her fun was over.
Thank You Rebecca and Eric!
We all had a great time....even if we got stuck on the other side of the pass:)
So, Thank You Leah and Brady for letting us stay at your house.
Shawn & Ellee sledding
She's in there somewhere
She loved it!

"This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy....Urgent breaking news...Cannon Ball!"
This is one of Jackson's favorite sayings. Thanks Uncle John!

This is Eric crashing after trying to snow board down the hill on a kid sled

Happy New Year!

All the kids at their New Years Eve party at 8:00pm. We did a count down and everything to 2009. The party was over around 8:15 and it was off to bed! I wonder at what age this won't work anymore?

Ava & Jake

Crue & Tate
Happy 2009!

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