Saturday, July 18, 2009

1st Baseball Practice

I signed Jackson up for his first T-Ball/Baseball team. He told me he did not want to play T-ball, just baseball. Lucky for me, the Sumner/Bonney Lake league has the coach pitch to you twice and if you don't hit it, you hit off the t. At practice, Jackson hit the ball from the pitcher. I was very proud:) Jackson's absolute favorite sport right now is baseball and his favorte player is Ichiro!

Posing for a picture at first base.

Jackson is very excited to be playing on the same team with his cousins, Marin and Thomas. It's going to be a great first baseball team experience!

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Family Time in Olympia

Every summer my cousins and their kids come to Washington for a few weeks to stay with their Mom in Olympia. Lucky for us, it's a big, beautiful home and we all stay there. It's a little place we like to call "Camp Nana." We all had another great summer together! All the kids are growing so fast! We only see them once a year, so we really notice the changes!

Ella 2 (from Hawaii) Ellee 2 and Breyden 3 (from North Carolina)

Exploring at the beach was one of our favorite activities!
Ellee was finally big enough this year to join in on the fun.....she wasn't walking at this point last year!

My cute little kiddos wading in Puget Sound. The water felt fantastic during the 100+ degree weather this summer. It's usually freezing!

Ellee really grew up alot this summer. She is now 2 going on about 7! She really enjoyed herself and her many new freedoms.
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Fun in Ellensburg

We spent a weekend with our friends the Erickson's in Ellensburg! The kids had a blast playing together!

Ellee was the only girl. She obviously had no problem fitting in!

Ellee likes to do her own thing. The rest of us were playing on the slip-n-slide while she played on the baby toy! The funny thing is, she thought she was pretty hot stuff sitting in the bouncy chair!

Oh, you gotta love this girl!

Tate and Crue taking Ellee for a ride!

The boys!
They all get along so well!

Look who couldn't be left out!

Thank you for a fun weekend!

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Ellee's Nap Time

Ellee likes to rip books she is reading before falling asleep. She is only allowed to have board books in bed from now on!
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Kids in a Box and Wrestling

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


We took Jackson putt putt golfing for the first time. He has been asking to go, especially when we drive by it.

Jackson did great! He loved running to each hole and seeing what was next. He had a huge grin all day long (so did Shawn). Shawn and I really worked on taking turns with Jackson, he just wanted to get that golf ball in the hole! After putt putt golf we ventured to the driving range. What a great first golf experience for Jackson. He did really well. Shawn said he was impressed with Jackson's form.

Jackson got his own golf clubs for his 3rd Birthday, but has only practiced out in our yard.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures!

Proud Daddy with his son
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Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July 2009

Happy Fourth of July! We spent the day in Kirkland with Shawn's Family and had such a good time!

Getting a good picture of my two is getting really tricky these days.

Marin and Thomas

Grandpa and Grandma's neighbor bought this slide and pool this year....oh what fun!

My kids spent their entire day playing on this!

Thomas and Jackson at the top

Grandpa and Grandma playing with the kids

Jackson and Marin

Ellee had help climbing up, but went down the slide all by herself a few times. Other times she would get all the way up and have to have help climbing back down. (She was either too scared or too cold.)

Do you remember the movie Flashdance? This picture cracks me up!

We had a fabulous fourth!
We ended the day back at our house for the amazing firework show in and around our neighborhood! Ellee slept through it again this year.....maybe she will see it next year! Jackson had a blast of course.
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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fun with Friends

We had a great time playing with our friends in the sun at the Brown's House!
Ellee and Ava enjoying popsicles
"The Boys"
Jake, Caden, Ian and Jackson
All the friends!
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