Monday, August 22, 2011

Tate turns ONE!

Ryan and Tina's youngest son, Tate, turned 1 August 23rd!
Ellee loves to play with him and make him laugh!

Katie's son, Landon. Ellee always insists on holding him! He's usually so laid back and chill that he doesn't seem to mind when Ellee holds him.

At this point in time, Ellee seems to be the only kid interested in the little guys!

Ahhhh......The cake! Tate loved it!

Tina, Tate and Ryan
Happy 1st Birthday Tate!
We Love You!
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Swimming in the Sound

This girl....I LOVE HER!
Whenever I would ask Ellee if she wanted to go down to the beach, she would say no and insist on not going. This picture was taken a few minutes after we got down to the water. She absolutely loves the water, gets right in and thoroughly enjoys herself. There were a few times she would go down in her clothes and strip down to her underwear to get in the water.

I love her enthusiasm, fearlessness and ability to truly enjoy herself every single second.

Ellee and Breyden

Ellee and Jackson

Little swimsuit buns
Jackson always gets right in the water too!
He and Cade had a blast swimming together.
Ellee started to go out pretty deep, so I had
her put her life jacket on.
We truly enjoy our days at the beach together at Camp Nanna!
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kiddo Dance Party

These girls crack me up! They all like to sing, dance and dress-up. They put on quite the show!
Sophia, Hilary, Ellee, Breyden, Ella

Oh Ellee!!!!

Ellee taking center stage!

Ellee and Hilary
These 2 can be little stinkers together!

Costume change

Another costume change and still trying to steal the show!
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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Pool Fun at Camp Nanna

We all enjoyed a new adventure at Camp Nanna this summer...The Olympia Country Club Pool!
It was amazing to watch each of the kids learn to swim and become more confident in the water. Some a little too confident at times. I would take Ellee's life jacket off when I held her in the water and she would want me to let her go, so she could "swim." She went under a few times, but it didn't scare her. She knew she had to get to the side of the pool to hang on.

Jackson and Breyden

Jackson put his life jacket on to swim to the deep end and took it off in the shallow end to dive under water and look for things. He actually started swimming on his own by the end of the summer!
Ellee and Sophia

Jackson started jumping off the the diving board our last day at the pool as well!

Some of the swimmers enjoying the pool.
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Monday, August 08, 2011

Waterslide fun

The waterslide made an appearance again this summer!
Ellee, Hilary, Sophia, Breyden, Cade, Parker, Jackson

They tried going down as a train!
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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Go Little Huskies!

Jackson enjoyed playing his first season of flag football. It was great to see him improve and get a little more aggressive each game. He even played quarterback a few times this season and threw a pass to one of his players who ran for a touchdown. Jackson said he changed the play and passed the ball because the other team was running at him trying to get his flag. Good thinking Buddy!

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Go Little Mariners

Yes, we wear skirts in baseball!
I would like to say that Ellee really enjoyed her time playing T-ball, but she didn't. I think the time she enjoyed the most was sitting on her bucket and getting a snack at the end. Every game I had to play in the field with her and run along side drag her down to first base. By the last game she ran to 2nd, 3rd and straight to her bucket to sit down.
I would like to get this in writing .... Shawn wants me to sign Ellee up for some sort of dance class. Shawn admitted that Ellee is really into singing, dancing and dress-up. The skirt worked wonders to get her motivated to at least go to her baseball game!
Ellee and her buddy, Will...They are seriously CUTE!

Me playing in the outfield with Ellee.

Ellee on first next to the first base coach...Daddy!

Not sure what's going on here.

Untill next season......:)

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Happy Birthday Breyden!

Breyden turned 5 while she was out visiting from North Carolina! She is the only one out of all 9 kids that has a summer Birthday. Lucky Girl!
Her Mommy took her out for the day in this ride!!! Of course everyone had to go check it out and get in!
Breyden, Sophia, Ellee & Ella waiting to get Hello Kitty Tatoos from Morgan.

Ready for the PARTY!

Breyden's Daddy, Jayson and all the kids!

The girls patiently waiting for the pinata.


Breyden & Parker

Jackson & Breyden

Uncle Jayson

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Girl!
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