Monday, May 24, 2010

Fence Project Day 3

This 1st picture is actually Day 2: After the posts were set.
1,500 lbs of concrete, seven 10ft. 4x4 posts and two 12ft. posts.

Grandpa (Shawn's Dad) came down and worked with Shawn all Day! These two have done many projects together and just keep getting better and better! Shawn LOVES this time with his Dad!
My Dad was also here Day 2 of the project to set the posts.
Day 3: Horizontal Supports
And here's Grandpa our Hero. He came down after work!

I think it looks better just like this!

Great Father Son Team!

They even had some time to attach some sections of fence boards!
We are so happy with it! What a great improvement!
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Fence Project Day 1

This was Day 1 of the Fence Project:
We have waited since the day we moved in to start this project! This HAD to be the time since the wind nearly blew the whole thing over one day and Shawn had to attach additional supports....classy and since Rylee kept getting out between the boards and going to the neighbors.
The Hilti Man
Please notice the support boards.....This is NOT McGowan Style!

I don't think you can tell in these pictures, but the bottom of the fence along the entire back was buried. It was all pretty much rotted out...not good! We will NOT miss this fence!


Daddy-O's little helper even got in on the action and helped him measure.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Safety First

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Daddy-O's Present

Jackson was so excited to give shawn a dart set for his Birthday! The morning after, Shawn and I decided to get all the gear on and go and surprise attack the kiddos. They of course loved it!

This was supposed to be seriouse faces. Can't you tell?
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Shawn and Ryan's Birthday aka Annual Flex-Off!

Shawn and his Brother, Ryan, Celebrated their 33rd and 35th Birthday! They share a Birthday 2 years apart! So Fun! We have started a bit of a Tradition....they are now Famous on the Family Calendar we make each year! The Tradition is known as the Annual Flex-Off!
Happy Birthday Uncle Ryan!
Happy Birthday Daddy-O!

A new Tradition that their sister Katie and her Husband Brandon started was getting them shirts to show off the "guns" for the Flex-Off.

Ryan seriously cracks me up in these pictures!

Happy Birthday Boys!

We Love You.....Deer shirts and all!
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Mother's Day Weekend

I got the best gift of all from little guy for Mother's Day....A Bird House colored by him and a cupcake surprise in the box! He was so excited to give them to me! (I think he secretly just wanted to "share" the cupcake he made for me).

Most of all, I just LOVE being called Mommy!

We celebrated the whole weekend and had my Mommy and extended Family over Friday night for a BBQ and headed up to Kirkland to Shawn's Parents with extended Family Saturday for a BBQ. This then opened up Sunday (actual Mother's Day) to do whatever I pleased!

I chose for Shawn to start working on oars that were my Grandfather's (Poppie) that we will eventually hang in our Familyroom. I have the best husband in the world that is willing to take on all of my projects and ideas. Thanks for a great Mom's Day Shawner...I Love You!

I will post more on this project that I am so excited about!
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Look What I Can Do!

This little one is getting really good on her "Princess" Scooter! She can't peddle her trike yet, but she can sure move around on this thing.
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Enjoying Some Sun

We take every advantage of our nice weather around here lately! If you don't get out and enjoy it right when it's happening, you'll miss it!
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Monday, May 10, 2010

1st Baseball Game of the Season

We already went to our first game of the Season and had a blast! Many more to come for sure!
Jackson's Favorite Player! Daddy-O's Favorite Player!


Love the excitement of little boys!

This picture was taken BEFORE the game. Just a little pre-game warm up!

Jackson was so excited to watch the game. His favorite players right now are Ichiro and Ken Griffey Jr. (I think it's because Daddy-O tells him that was his favorite player). He also loved the Cracker Jacks and red licorice!

We had a great time even though we didn't see our team win. It did go into extra innings and we lost, I think in the 11th.
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Ellee's Present

My little princess got a "Princess" Scooter for her Birthday and was so excited! (ok, so I fed into the princess thing...just once)

She needed Daddy-O to put it together right away!

What a big Girl she is getting to be (tear)

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