Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Buried in Snow!

Winter Blast 2012.
This picture is just the beginning of all the snow we got in January. It wouldn't have been so bad if the weather didn't turn to freezing rain and lead to a massive power outage in the area for days.....

Good thing we enjoyed playing in the snow the few days prior to all the freezing rain.

Ice Cold Lemonade anyone?

There was so much snow! We (yes, the kids and I) had so much fun sledding in our front yard and on a hill at our neighborhood soccer field.

Ellee went down the little path we made in our front yard before Shawn had a chance to move his truck. Lucky for her, she was laying down and went right underneath it. I had to go pull her out.

School was even closed for a few days. My district was closed for an entire week and the kids was closed for 4 days. It was due to snow/power outages. We eventually jumped ship from our house, which was soooo cold and went and stayed at my parent's house with the rest of my sisters and families. One big slumber party that went on for a few days. The kids had a blast!
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Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Warning: This is the beginning of January in the Pacific Northwest.....not ever a really good sign of weather to come for us! Well regardless, my two munchkins were out soaking up the sun and eating snacks. You've got to get it while you can around here!
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