Monday, September 07, 2009

Breyden turns 3

Breyden turned 3 July29th and since they were up visiting from North Carolina we had a party! Her Mommy, Ashleigh, put on the most amazing princess/pirate party for all the cousins. The girls were in LOVE with Breyden's cake! Everything was so cute! It was a perfect party for the Birthday Princess! We love you Brey!

My Pirate & Princess

These cakes were amazing!

Pirate Jackson giving Papa a zerbert!

Pirate Jackson and Princess Sophia

Ellee was in heaven with her princess bubbles! She would not accept any help with them. (She did not want anyone touching her bubbles)

All the Pirates & Princesses!

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Marin is 5 and Thomas is 3

At the end of July we celebrated Thomas and Marin's Birthdays. It was a beautiful day at the park, where all the kids played and ran around.

Marin turned 5 and is growing up to be such a smart, beautiful young lady! We love you Marin!

Thomas turned 3 and is full of spunk! We have so much fun when we are with him! We love you Thomas!

Grandma McGowan and Thomas

Playing at the party!

Thank you for a another fun Birthday Party!

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

First Baseball Game

Jackson's 1st Baseball Team experience!

Jackson's Baseball/T-Ball, the Goats, had their first game in July. Jackson was so excited to play. Each kid on the team got a decorated bucket with their name on it to sit on while they were waiting to bat.

Jackson and his cousin Marin waiting to bat.

Jackson hit most of the balls from a pitch this season!!!!! We are so proud of him! Each kid was pitched to 3 times and if they didn't hit it, the tee would be put out for them to hit off of.

Jackson slid into every base he ran to....including first!
Water break
Daddy-O and Ellee

The little "beeball" fan!

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Driving Range with the cousins




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Exploring at the Beach in Olympia

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Roasting Marshmallows

All the cousins really enjoyed roasting marshmallows and making smores!

Ellee getting a little help.


We really enjoyed the warm summer nights!
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Little Caddy

In July, Shawn decided that Jackson was old enough to go golfing with him and be his "caddy." He took him to The Classic. Shawn said he was perfect. Jackson enjoyed driving the golf cart and pretty much hung out in there for the 9 holes of golf. We are so happy that Jackson enjoys Father, like son!

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Olympia 2009

We had many activities to keep us busy at Camp Nana's this summer. My sister's son, Parker's favorite was, "dressing up for the ladies!" All the kids would dress-up and sing and dance along to some of Parker's favorite songs - Boom, Boom Pow and Poker Face.I don't remember if he was really into it at this point and break dancing or throwing a tantrum!
Dance Party!

My little Diva making me proud! Ellee loves to sing along and dance. Her best move right now is twirling!

Daddy-O and Ellee

Uncle Jeremy took the kids kayaking. Neither Jackson or Ellee wanted their turn to be over.

Jackson and Daddy-O

The kids were very creative! They came up with many different games to play. In this game they are trying to throw their ball into their box. With 9 kids total we had to make sure they stayed busy!

The girls minus baby Hilary

Just look at my little Sassy Girl!

Hot tubbing was a fun night time activity for the kids

Ahhhh......Big Wheels!

Slip-n-Slide Fun

Sophia 5, Cade 5 (from North Carolina), Jackson 4

Baby Hilary!
It was nice having a little baby with us. We all got our Baby fix!
Breyden called her cutie Hilary, but it would come out Tuti Hairy! It's a great nickname and it stuck!

Caleb 5 (from Hawaii) is on the left.
The kids played baseball often. It was good for everyone to practice taking turns!

Ellee loves the water!
We Love Nana Lois!

The girls working hard.
Ellee's bucket full of water weighed more than her. She worked really hard to walk it up. I think the water tipped out just shortly after I took this picture.
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