Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shawn and Ryan's Birthday BBQ #2

Are the Birthdays done yet?

Fun in the sprinkler with Marin and Thomas!

Thomas Mac
Marin Adell
Ellee Lenora
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"It's still our Birthday Celebration".....obviously they celebrated too much if they let me take this picture! I've warned my family about my blog!

Happy Birthday Auntie Tina, April 29th!

She took care of her sick kids on her Birthday!

Uh, Oh!

White board marker!
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Shawn's Birthday BBQ #1

We had a fun BBQ with cousins for Shawn and Uncle Ryan's Birthdays (Round 1)
Thomas, Marin, Ellee, Sophia, Parker & Jackson
The oldest is 4 and the youngest is 12 months-Oh what fun!
What is it about kids and Birthdays? They get so excited no matter whose it is. Why don't we as adults keep that same enthusiasm? Seriously, I made their day with a cupcake!

Happy Birthday Daddy-O!


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Happy 31st Birthday Shawn!

Happy Birthday Daddy-O!

Happy Birthday Uncle Ryan as well! (Brothers born the same day 2 years apart-Shawn is the younger one)

We are so thankful for you Shawn!
Here are some things that we really appreciate and love about you:

~Your laughter
~Your willingness to help others
~Your compassion
~The way you get on the floor and wrestle with the kids
~Your work ethic
~Your gardening skills
~Your painting skills
~Your love for golf:)
~Your love for me
~Your love for your children
~Your love for your family and friends

But most of all, your love for God and your Faith!

I love you more Today than Yesterday, but not as much as Tomorrow!
Happy 31st Birthday Daddy-o!

Sara, Jackson and Ellee

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Abbie and Ed's Wedding

Our friends, Abbie and Ed got married this weekend! Abbie told us we couldn't come if we didn't bring our she crazy!?
So we brought our dear little ones.
During the ceremony, Jackson kept saying, "Where is Abbie? I want to see Abbie." As well as, "Stop talking Mom, shhh!" (I wasn't the one talking, well only to tell him shhh!)

Abbie and Ellee

Our Family!

This was right before Ellee grabbed my wine and spilled it all over herself and me. Thank goodness it wasn't red!

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

1st Soccer Game

The Fire Dragons first game. Jackson is #6

I guess you would have thought by this picture that Jackson played a good game...he did, all the 2 total minutes he played out of 45!
The rest were spent..... the drinking fountain!

He must have been REALLY thirsty!

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Jackson's Lingo

Right after Shawn put Jackson down for bed tonight Jackson got up and yelled down the stairs to me, "Mommy, where's my Woody and Buzz?" Did they really have to be named that? Of course I giggled all the way up the stairs to find them though! Good thing I know what he's talking about.

He likes sleeping with them this week.
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Saturday, May 03, 2008

1st Soccer Practice

I think I am officially a "Soccer Mom" now! (no mini-van though)

This was Jackson's first and only practice before his games begin. He had alot of fun. He had to stand in a line and wait for his turn to try to kick the ball in the goal. He finally got the hang of waiting in line and waiting his turn towards the end. He kept going to the front of the line for more turns. I was on the side yelling, "whose kid is that anyways?"

While practicing, anytime he kicked the ball he would run over to me and say, "I did it, I kicked the ball way, way high!" I would then have to remind him to go get back in line to practice. The games are going to be interesting!

Good form!

Waiting his turn!

Jackson's Coach

Scrimmage (AKA: Chase the ball)

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He even got to be the goalie for awhile. Shawn and I worked with him and told him you can't use your hands in soccer....oops! He was a quick learner and even had a couple saves!

The Firedragons

Ellee's 4 Teeth

My friend Lindsey told me I had to blog about this...It is pretty funny. Ellee has 4 teeth now.
I bet you won't be able to guess which ones.

If you can't tell by the picture she is MISSING her two front middle teeth! Cute Ellee!