Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

We had my Family over at our house for Christmas Day! The kids kept going strong! They had so much fun opening more presents and playing with all the toys they had gotten over the past two days!

John & Shawn wearing their "Murses" (Man purses)

The excitement of the day wore Papa and Hilary out!

Parker was very excited to get the largest present.
It's as big as he is!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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Santa Came!

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Christmas Eve 2009

We spent Christmas Eve with Shawn's Family!
Our Little Angels


Ellee got a vanity with make-up brushes even from Grandpa and Grandma McGowan. What a lucky girl! She was in HEAVEN!

Grandpa is helping Ellee use the make-up brushes!
Jackson got a leapster and was sooooo excited!
Thank You Grandpa & Grandma!

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Nap Time!

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Shawn's sister Katie and her husband Brandon had their little girl, Kennedy, Dedicated the Sunday before Christmas.
We LOVE you!
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Santa, We've Been Good This Year!

Every year, my sister, Naomi and I put together a calendar for my parents for Christmas. This was our attempt at getting all 5 of the Grandkids to look at the camera and smile.

We couldn't forget our Christmas PJ picture. Hilary was in some of these pictures as well, but I didn't manage to get one. Notice the kids are all folding their hands very nicely!
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Ice Skating at Suncadia

Fantasy Lights

Jackson was so excited to go to Fantasy Lights this year....he's been remembering all of our Christmas Traditions (He won't let us forget). Ellee had a blast looking at all of the lights. I think her favorite was the dinosaur pushing the baby stroller. Jackson's favorite was the Spaceship and alien. Most of all I think Ellee LOVED "Driving" and Jackson loved hanging out in the very back of the car with our dog, Rylee.
Shawn and I really enjoyed hearing the kids yell out, "oh, look at that!" and "I like that one!" Our favorite saying of the night though was when Shawn was describing what Jackson's toot smelled like to him and Jackson said, "You're cracking me up, Dad!"

Don't worry, we go really slow through the light show, about 5 mph. This is the ONLY time the kids are allowed out of their carseats. It took a little coaxing trying to get Ellee back in hers though when we were done.

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Christmas Program 2009

Jackson's Preschool Christmas Program was so cute! What a difference a year makes in a child. This year Jackson knew the hand motions and sang the songs...I was so proud! His 1st Preschool Christmas Program last year was cancelled due to snow, I was glad the same thing didn't happen this year! What a great feeling to be so proud to watch your child do something that they have practiced so much for.
Jackson & Alayna (She is the daughter of his childcare provider and is in his preschool class) They are good buds!

We were so excited that Marin was able to come and watch Jackson perform!

M e R r Y c H r I s T m A s !
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This is how I found Ellee in her bedroom the other night....notice the "purse" she was hanging on to.
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Best Present Ever!

My perfect little present under the Christmas tree!

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Weekend at the Cabin and Suncadia

This past weekend we went to our Friends Family Cabin near Cle Elum. The Brown Family invited us for a fun, relaxing weekend together with the kids. On Saturday we ventured to Suncadia for ice skating and Sunday as well for Breakfast with Santa! While at the Santa Breakfast, we ran into our other friends....The Ericksons, Eyfords and Moores. What a fun surprise! It was great seeing everyone!
Jackson & Tate
The Erickson Family

Ellee & Pearce

Look whose laps Ellee found.....We didn't do pictures with Santa (we already did) I turned my back for 2 seconds and this is where Ellee say hello to Santa and Mrs. Claus. She got a candy cane and was soooo excited!

Autumn, Rebecca, Leah, Shannon & I

Ellee, Crue, Jackson, Tate, Jake, Ava & Jack

The Brown Family

Ava & Ellee playing in the snow!

Jackson had a blast ice skating. At first he was really timid, but after 1 lap around with Rebecca and Daddy-O he was hooked.

It was REALLY COLD!!!!! It was around 14 degrees!

Warming up by the fire, while everyone else was ice skating. Suncadia is absolutely beautiful. What a great place to visit!

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