Sunday, January 31, 2010

Great Quote

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ellee's Babies at Nap Time!

Ellee has been spending much of her naptimes lately organizing her babies and other things. This day she decided to cover her babies and Elmo up with her underwear. She also loves to make piles of all of the things in her bedroom and put them under a blanket. I often find her babies, baby blankets, her tea set, books, her jewelry box and underwear under one big blanket. I don't know what the deal is with her constant need to pull her underwear out of her drawer. The other day as I was putting away some of her folded clothes I noticed she had rearranged where her shirts, pants and jammies go. They were all put away, just reorganized to Ellee's liking.....not Mommy's!
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Dancing Queen

Ellee loves to sing and dance around the house as often as she can. Somedays she insists on me dancing with her. Other days she's a solo act!

I recently signed Ellee up for a Tippy Toes dance class at the Y. She is very excited to go to"Dance School." (That's what she calls it)

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My Cute Girl

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Best Nap Time Yet!

This is NOT Ellee's bed!

This is the new baby bed Santa brought Ellee for her millions of babies-and I decided to put it in her room. Shawn went to check on her during nap-time one day and called me upstairs and said this was the best one yet. I totally agree! I can't believe she didn't fall through. There is just one flimsy little board underneath her! There's not even really any room for her! Shawn transferred her to her bed and she woke up for a second because it was so awkward getting her out then fell back asleep. Phew!

And there is how she got in......her new princess stool that goes with her Vanity! This stool has come in really handy for Ellee lately in her bedroom!
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Happy New Year 2010

We spent New Year's Eve with our friends, the Browns and Fredericks! We all had such a great time! Thanks for hosting Eric and Becs!

Guitar Hero Groupie!

This was Jackson's first time playing Guitar Hero....What a pro! Should I be worried?

The Girls
Sara, Becs & Missy
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The Princess.......

......and her Prince!
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