Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jackson's End of Year Preschool Program

Jackson had a great 2nd year at Immanuel Lutheran Preschool!
We are so proud of him!

Jackson's end of year program was farm themed.

Too cute!

He really loves learning and enjoys school, his Classmates and Teachers. I sure hope this continues! Everyday he tells me something that surprises me that I didn't know he knew or could do. When I ask him how did you know that, he always responds with, my teacher told me!

After the program everyone was invited to stay for an Ice Cream Social. The kids were in heaven!

Jackson & Mrs. Morman
What a wonderful Early Childhood Education experience for my little guy!
We can't believe our baby is onto Kindergarten! Jackson is sooooo excited!
Watch out Preschool......Ellee will be coming next year!
She is going to love it!
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She's Baaaaaaaack!

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Marin's End of Year Program

She's a Star!

Marin (Our niece) had her end of year Pre-K Music Program at School!

She did an amazing job.....The theme of the program was: "We Bloomed." So cute!

The Cousins after the program Congratulating her!
Ellee, Marin, Thomas & Jackson
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Memorial Day Weekend 2010

2nd Annual Memorial Day "Carlos, Man of Love" Weekend 2010

We were packed to the brim in our car....Lucky for us, our Friends Aunt let us use her motorhome while we camped in Chelan with many of our great friends!Leah, Autumn, Tristen, Melissa, Me, Shan and Becks
The "Dads" enjoyed two mornings of golf together, so us "Moms" went to lunch and did a little wine tasting!

Becks and I

I coordinated 3 tournaments, brackets and all, but only one was actually played out to the end, Polish Horseshoe. The plan was to play ping pong and bocci ball as well, but we all got distracted!

I drew for partners before we left and set up the tournament boards. Everyone knew who there partner was before arriving so the scheming began early....strategy, team outfits, slogans etc.
Shawn and Autumn's team attire courtesy of Autumn! They didn't do so well in the tournament...knocked out in the 2nd round I believe!?

My Partner, Brad....."Winning is a Business"

We took 2nd place.....Lost to Shannon and Matt! Not sure how that happened!

Brad and Autumn surprised everyone (Adults and kids) with T-shirts. So Fun! It was a play off of last years camping trip! The back said, "Carlos, Man of Love" "Tour De Chelan." The front said, "Do as I say." (It's from a song we would listen to late nights last year after all the little ones went to bed around the campfire)

Here are just a few of the kiddos we had there heading down to the park to play!
Daddy-O and Ellee

The weekend started off with much of it, but by the 2nd night it had stopped and the sun came out and was beautiful!

Miss Leah brought pinatas for the fun!


My paparazzi friends.....Missy, Leah, Becks!

Ellee spent most of her days buckling her babies in the motorhome seats. This day she was thrilled to get to buckle baby Addison (Missy and Adam's daughter) in her stroller! I think this is what Ellee spent her time doing last year as well!

We had so much fun playing and hanging with all of our friends! Thanks for a great weekend! Looking foward to many more!
So are the little ones!

Jackson and Caden....these two played baseball for hours with a young college kid camping next to us....he pitched to these guys for like 2 hours one afternoon while we sat and watched!
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