Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Baby is 2

This is the invitation I sent out for her little Birthday Party!
She looks so grown up to me in this picture.
My baby turned 2 today and received the best gift of all....a sweet baby girl cousin!
Happy Birthday Ellee! We are celebrating Friday and Saturday.
I was really reminded today of just what exactly I was doing 2 years ago to the day. What an awesome gift to have a healthy beautiful baby! You have been such a blessing to us Ellee and we LOVE You!
"Happy Yoooouuuu!" (That's her version of singing "Happy Birthday")
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great Dentist Visit.....Really!

Jackson & Ellee's dentist visit was a success!

I knew Jackson would be great (he's been fine every visit....knock on wood)

Ellee was FANTASTIC!

Both kids were done before I was even finished filling out all of Ellee's paperwork for being a first time patient.

Literally climbing into the chair. She didn't want to wait for me to help her. (I'm still filling out the paperwork)

She's even smiling for me!

What a good little patient!
Now if we could just work on some things at home :)
ex. climbing out of the crib, getting into my make-up and lotions, yelling "NOOOOOO" and pointing her finger at me and throwing herself on the floor while having a tantrum we'll be good to go!
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Auntie Tina

Ryan put together a surprise birthday dinner for Tina. One would have maybe thought that this was a child's birthday-since there were 11 of them running around :) It was crazy, but fun!

Tina's actual Birthday is April 29th (the day before Ellee's)
We have SO many family Birthdays in April-my sister is due April 28....
Happy Birthday Tina!
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Visiting Ayden

Jackson was so cute holding Ayden. He didn't want to be done and wanted another turn after Ellee.

Our little Mama knew just what to do. She was very demanding about holding the baby-maybe too demanding. She tried pulling him closer to her face a few times so she could give him a kiss. She did NOT want her turn to be over! It was really crazy to think that I had Ellee when Jackson was Ellee's age now! Oh Wow!!!!

My baby is not a baby anymore!

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Ayden Dean Lee

Ayden Dean Lee

April 24th 11:58am

6lbs. 3 oz. 18 1/2in.

My cousin Stephanie had her baby! It was somewhat of a surprise. She was scheduled to be induced on April 28th, but Ayden had different plans! He was 3 weeks early, but is doing great. They already went home!

Congratulations Steph and Jon!
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This is Ellee's bedroom. She was napping. This is what it looked like when I went up to get her. She climbed out of her crib once before a couple months ago, but I think it scared her enough that she hadn't done it again-until now! This time she figured out how to do it quietly! Look at all those wipes.....

.......and diapers!

and yes, we are using all those wipes she pulled out! What a good little helper. She helped put all the wipes in the ziplock bag! :)
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Happy Birthday Auntie Erin

We celebrated Auntie Erin's Birthday together on her actual Birthday

April 19

We Love you Erin and are so THANKFUL for you!!!!!

Hard to say whose birthday it actually is in these pictures. We have such good little helpers!

(Some more than others)

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Fair 2009

We ventured out to the Spring Fair with the Brown Family.....the kids had a blast! It was surprisingly really warm that day. Jackson & Ava Jackson & Jake
I told Jackson to hold onto his sister (this was her very first ride ever). I didn't think he would have the choke hold on her though. I'm so thankful he watches out for her!

Paint ball guns with the Dads!

Jake's a pro!

Quote from Jackson recently:
"Mom, I don't like spiders anymore. Just worms and snakes!"

Our little bugs!

Ellee's first Merry go Round ride! She laughed and squealed the entire time!

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Easter Art from Preschool

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Like Father, Like Son

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Easter 2009

Jackson really enjoyed coloring easter eggs this year....his favorite was his green and blue Seahawk egg! Ellee was kind of a bystander this year, she actually didn't mind.

Ellee & Papa
My sister, Naomi and I took our kids to an Easter Egg Hunt at my parents church

Ellee, Jackson, Parker and Sophia singing along! Ellee LOVES to sing!

The Easter Egg Hunt!

The kids also got to decorate cookies....Ellee didn't have the patience to frost it-the cookie went straight in her mouth after this.

The Easter Bunny likes to leave an egg trail from the kids bedroom doors all the way to their Easter baskets.

Jackson went back and helped Ellee collect her egg trail

Counting her earnings.
The Easter Bunny put change in these eggs this year:)

Parker, Sophia, Ellee and Jackson waiting to start their Easter Egg Hunt at Nana and Papa's house!

Thank You Easter Bunny!
This year I decided to ask Jackson what happened to Jesus at Easter....Here is his response:
"Jesus died on the cross and went to live with God."
He IS listening at Preschool!
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