Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ellee's Four!

Our sweet "baby" girl is four!

She spent the morning of her Birthday at Toys'r'us picking out a present!

She had to be a very patient girl all month. Jackson got his Toys'r'us Birthday Card in the mail earlier in the month for his Birthday and poor little Ellee didn't quite understand why hers didn't come.

Well, it FINALLY did and she was excited!

She wanted this car, but we were able to talk her into a big girl bike. (We went in knowing we wanted to buy her a bike)

and the final bike she chose......

Pinkalicious of course!!!!

We are very blessed to have this little girl! She puts a smile on our faces each and everyday!

Here are some things about Ellee that we never want to forget.....

She has a mind of her own-likes to do certain things by herself-is very persistant in what she wants-LOVES her brother-LOVES her dog-LOVES to sing....she is always singing either songs from preschool or the radio-loves to play dress-up-is always dressing ALL her babies-asks for waffles every morning for breakfast-asks for peanut butter and cheese sandwiches for lunch (no I don't make it for her)-enjoys being the center of attention-is very good at riding her scooter-doesn't know how to pedal a bike-loves watching "Tom and Jerry" movies-loves going to preschool-says that Daddy is her prince and she is going to marry him-says her favorite weather is snow and rainbows-loves her entire family and asks to play with her cousins at least once a day!

I LOVE being this little girl's Mom....I am extremely blessed and Thank God everyday to have this little ray of sunshine.

Ellee, you truly brighten other's days by just being YOU!

Happy 4th Birthday!

I Love You!

At 4, Ellee is in the 10th percentile for height and 5oth for weight (she has been in those percentiles since she was about 3 months old).

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Preschool Birthday Field Trip

Ellee went on a field trip to a gym and even got to celebrate her Birthday with her classmates!

The whole preschool sang "Happy Birthday" to Ellee. She loved being in the spotlight!

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Easter Part 2

From Top to Bottom: Marin, Jackson, Thomas, Ellee, Kennedy & Tate (Just baby Landon is missing...Ellee was the only one that volunteered to hold Tate, so there was no chance to get any takers for Landon).

We went up to Grandpa & Grandma McGowan's for Easter Dinner and got to play and have an Easter Egg Hunt with all the Cousins!

Kennedy loves Jackson and he is really sweet with her.

She was trying to give him a kiss while he was watching a movie

and finally succeeded! So Cute!

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Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny came....

.....and left a trail of eggs all the way to the Easter baskets!

Ellee and Jackson had to collect the trail of eggs starting at their bedroom doors that led all the way downstairs to their baskets.

Ready for Church

Happy Easter......He is Risen!

At Church Easter Morning with the Cousins

Another photoshoot?

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Easter Part 1

We had an Easter Egg Hunt the day before Easter at Auntie Naomi and Uncle John's house! It was the nicest day we've had this year so far! What a blessing!

Ellee Parker Sophia Hilary Jackson

Our Sweet Girl

Our Sweet Boy

The Girls!

Just another phase of the photoshoot!

We told the kids if they wanted an Easter Egg Hunt they had to take some pictures first. A little bribery never hurt anyone, right?


Parker Ellee Ayden (My cousin's little guy)

Let the Easter Egg Hunt Begin! Ellee was really into it this year and knew what she was doing!

An Old Pro

Checking the Loot!

We had a fabulous day with our Family.....OUTSIDE!!!!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Treat...Peeps!

The kids are giving their cousins some sweet tweets for Easter!

I printed this cute paper here

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Picture Board for Baby Landon

This is the second picture board thing that I made with much of Shawn's help this time. He drilled the holes to screw in the bottom pieces and the finial. I glued on the L, primed, painted, sanded and even added some distress ink (love this stuff) to the edges. I think it turned out pretty cute. Obviously the pictures can easily be traded out.

First, I purchased a 2x8x8 board from Lowes and had Shawn cut down a couple boards to 11". I also bought the finials at Lowes...this is the ONLY place I have seen them. (They come in a 2 pack with screws on the end.) I found the L at Michaels, but pretty much any craft store has things like that. Anything can be added to the front of the board or nothing at all. I used e6000 glue to adhere the L and the clip for the picture. Some of the blogs I have been reading strongly recommend this stuff, so I gave it a shot...pretty powerful stuff. I waited the full 24 hours for it to dry before I did anything else. For the base, Shawn cut down an old wooden candle stick that was attached to the base already and attached it with a screw.

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