Thursday, July 05, 2012

Eagle Crest 2012

One morning we all went to an organized games day put on by the resort. The kids were able to be on the same team as their siblings.

Look at this team work! We were trying to get a ping pong ball from one part of the field to the other without letting it fall.

Here's Ellee in our team race.
We had to put on a cape, socks and really big underwear and run down to a bat, spin around a few times and run back to tag the next person.

The last race was having someone from your team fill a cup that was glued to a helmet with water and then bring it back to dump into a bucket.

Relaxing in the hot tub after all those tough races!

Nanna and her girls!
Ella & Breyden

My Girl

Pool time!
Shawn, Caleb & Cade

Ellee & Brecken

The Felber Family
Morgan, Jay
Brecken {7 months} Cade {8} Breyden {5}

Polish Horseshoes even made the trip with us!
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