Wednesday, September 28, 2011


These two love to put together puzzles.
They were trying to make a big long "train" of puzzles.
I made sure each puzzle was taken apart and put away one at a time...otherwise, what a nightmare!
They had quite the system and teamwork!
I am sorry to report that they didn't finish, they were called to dinner and lost interest shortly there after.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Missing Teeth

I don't know who worked harder to get this tooth out....Jackson or Daddy-O. It has been loose for a few months now, but for the last few days has been REALLY loose. The 2 days before Daddy pulled it out, it was hanging by a thread!

Jackson was fine with wiggling it himself, but he did not like Daddy or I touching it. Shawn attempted many times to pull it out, but Jackson kept telling him it hurt. In the end, Shawn was wiggling the tooth from side to side and it finally came out!
Congratulations Buddy!
 You are looking even more grown-up and quite handsome if I do say so myself!
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Fair!

There is a long standing tradition in the Puyallup School District that they have "Fair Day". The entire district lets out early for one day during the fair and also gives each student a fair ticket. It was this way when I was in school here! We decided to take the kids to the fair this day. The weather was just right!
We saw the honey bees at work

Milking the cow

Parker joined us with Auntie Heidi

Jackson, Ellee & Parker waiting patiently for their turn.

This has been their favorite ride for the past few years.

Ellee was too short to go on the Ferris Wheel with Jackson, Parker and Auntie Heidi, so she got to go on some other rides all by herself!
Jackson talked about this ride for days. This is the one thing he wanted to make sure he did at the fair this year!

Ellee & Daddy-O

Goodbye Fair, we had a wonderful time!
See you next year!
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Little Preschooler

Ellee had her first day of Preschool September 13th.
She was very excited to go and did a fabulous job!

It was very important to Jackson that he got in a few pictures with Ellee on her first day of school. He was so kind and supportive of her and even asked her how her first day of school went when he got home. So Sweet!
My little munchkins that I'm going to miss like crazy when they are both at school!!!! How did this happen so fast?

Ellee is in a class this year with a teacher Jackson never had. We are excited for Ellee to get to know a different teacher! According to Ellee, "I'm in the big kid class now!"

The famous preschool picture in front of the sign!
I didn't even have a chance to be sad or cry when I dropped her off because we were 10 minutes late! We had to drop Jackson off at school first and got stuck in traffic and hit on the way to Ellee's school. She marched right into her class and found a bin of toys sat down at the carpet and got busy playing. Luckily I snuck my hug and kiss in the hallway before  she walked in. When I picked her up, one of her teachers asked if she was always this quiet......
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Friday, September 09, 2011

Go Rams!

We took the kids to their First RHS Football Game!
 They were playing one of their rivals...Emerald Ridge. We went with the Diseth's and Nasinec's and had a great time!
It was a great game and the team we wanted to win, did win!
Go Rams!

Sophia, Drew (in his Daddy's old HS football jersey), Hilary & Ellee
The kids all did great and had a blast playing together!
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Cattle Drive & The Fair 2011

Ellee enjoying the Cattle Drive!
It was a beautiful morning to enjoy the Parade that kicks off the start of the Fair. Ellee and I enjoyed our time together (Jackson was at school).

After the parade we headed to the fair and enjoyed some of our favorite treats! Ellee can't wait to go back with Jackson, so she can go on the rides!
Waiting her turn to "milk" the cow.

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

We Have a 1st Grader

Ok, this year was by far the hardest year to send him to school! (Well considering he went to preschool for 2 years and then Kindergarten, but still, it was the hardest one yet). I actually cried! I tell the parents of my students to try not to cry until they reach the parking lot, I didn't make it past kissing Jackson goodbye when he was in line getting ready to walk into the school with his class! I don't think he saw my tears, I had my glasses on.

Jackson is growing up so fast!
If birth to 1st grade went this fast, I can't even begin to imagine how fast the rest of his schooling career will go!!!!
Jackson with his proud sister, with her "new" smile!
 (Oh, Goodness!)
Ellee giving Jackson kisses!

We are so proud of you Jackson!
You are growing up to be such a fine young little man!
We know you will continue to make us proud!
Dream Big Buddy!

P.S. I'm really going to miss hanging out with you Jackson while you're at school.
You've been a good little side kick:)
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