Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jackson 5th & Ellee's 3rd Birthday Party

What a fun Birthday Celebration for Jackson and Ellee!
Since the kids both have April Birthdays we decided to combine their Birthday Party this year and have it at the YMCA! We celebrated Sunday, April 11th in the afternoon.
They had so much fun running around and playing with their friends and cousins. Thanks to everyone who came and helped make their day so special!
Jackson wanted a Transformer Party for his 5th Birthday!

Ellee wanted a "Shortcake" Party! She actually went back and forth between Strawberry Shortcake and Pear Pears (Care Bears) but I could only find Strawberry Shortcake. While we were driving to the party Ellee kept telling me she wanted a Pear Pears Party. Luckily she forgot once she stepped foot in the Y and began running around!

Baby Kennedy!

Gunnar and Jackson

Happy Birthday to Jackson and Ellee!


Reagan and Ian

Eric.....just another kid at the Party!

Thomas and Jackson

Sophia, Ellee and Hilary

Reese, Jackson, Marin and Alayna


Marin, Ellee and Sophia

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I Can Dress Myself!

Ellee decided to dress herself the other day so she could go outside. I told her she couldn't go out until she put a shirt on. This was her version of a shirt AND a skirt. Doesn't she have a great sense of style?
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Daffodil Parade 2010

The kids and I went to the Daffodil Parade and I swear they had a good time! The look on Ellee's face may tell you differently, but she didn't want to pose for a picture right then.

Ellee really wanted Jackson to sit on her lap for some reason. She actually enjoyed it and would squeeze him tighter if he tried to get up.

Jackson and Ellee waiting for the Parade to start.

We sat with our cousins, Hilary, Sophia & Parker and our friends, Drew & Will.

Jackson and his cousin Parker are such good little buddies!

My sister Naomi and her kiddos
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A Princess and a Princess

Rylee is such a good dog to let Ellee torment her like this.
I had a dog named Annie growing up that I used to dress in baby clothes and push around in a stroller.....I wonder if Ellee will start doing that?
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Science Center

Last week was Spring Break for me, so the kids and I made a few fun plans.
This day my good friend Gina and I decided to take the kids to the Pacific Science Center. I can't even remember the last time I went there....as a kid, maybe?
The kids had a blast jumping from one activity to the next!
Drew, Jackson, Ellee & Will

The Butterfly House.
We had a great day exploring with our friends!
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My Baby is 5!?!

WOW 5!?!
Where has the time gone?
It does literally feel like yesterday that I was peering (okay, more like staring) into his bassinet for hours at a time at him swaddled and sleeping so peacefully. I really enjoyed watching and listening to his every move. It wasn't much at that age, but I knew, or was told, to savor every moment! Before I knew it he was telling me he wasn't my baby anymore....WHAT?
Jackson is such a fun, caring, creative, competitive boy! I truly enjoy myself whenever I am with him. We do many fun things together. Some of them being playing uno, playing games, him reading to me (I'm such a proud Mommy) and watching Survivor, American Idol and the Mariners. We always have fun together and honestly I enjoy every new stage with him, even though at times I miss my baby!
Here are some things that Jackson enjoys and likes right now.
Video Games (there is a reason this one is first on the list, everything else is in no particular order)
Baseball, Playing at the Park, Riding his bike, playing any type of game, sleepovers with his cousins, transformers, learning to read, preschool, playdates and playing with his buddies.
Jackson, you are truly a great kid! We are so happy that God made You!
Happy 5th Birthday!
Love, Mommy
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Easter AND Jackson is 5

Ellee and Jackson in their Easter Best at Grandpa and Grandma McGowan's House. We started our morning off with a visit from the Easter Bunny and Church with my Family.

Thomas, Marin, Ellee & Jackson

We had Easter Dinner at Grandpa and Grandma McGowan's House. It was Yummy!

Since Jackson's REAL Birthday landed on Easter, Grandma made dessert and we all sang Happy Birthday to him. This is one lucky boy.... he had many Birthday Celebrations!
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The Easter Bunny Came!

The Easter Bunny left a trail of plastic eggs filled with goodies outside of Jackson and Ellee's bedroom doors all the way to their Easter Baskets!

The end of the trail!

Happy Easter 2010
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Coloring Easter Eggs

The kids really enjoyed dying eggs this year....especially Ellee. It was pretty much her first year of really being able to get involved. I had to convince her to let people help her. She likes to do everything herself. "Me Do It!"

Proud Jackson of his Lightning McQueen/Seahawk Eggs

Proud Ellee of her Pink/Tinkerbell Eggs


....still waiting......:)
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