Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ellee's Lingo

I have to start documenting this stuff more often.
Ellee is always either saying the funniest things or has her own way of pronouncing something.
Here is a little key:

1. Swimswoop = Swimsuit

2. Brudder = Brother

3. Cocker = Parker

4. Pear Pears = Care Bears

5. Shortcake = Strawberry Shortcake

6. Biaper = Diaper

7. moobie = movie

8. oovie = movie

9. affles = waffles

#7 and #8 confuse Shawn and I. When we correct her and have her try to say movie the right way she will trade off saying moobie and oovie. I LOVE this little girl....even when she says, "Stop it! Mommy!" and when I ask her if she has to go on the potty and she says, "No Thank You."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Little Vaca in Palm Desert!

What a much needed vacation for Shawn and I. We haven't been on a vacation together without the kids.....EVER! We went with our friends the Feltus's and had a great time!
A HUGE Thank You goes to my Sister Erin and Shawn's Parents for watching our little munchkins! We love you guys!

We went out one night for our friend Dara's 30th Birthday and had a blast!

Trig & Dara

The Girls

The guys enjoyed the beautiful weather in the morning golfing.
Dara and I spent our mornings getting coffee, shopping and laying poolside...some of my favorite things....all in one day!
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Happy St. Patty's Day 2010

May you find your own Pot of Gold!
Here's a look at mine!

Happy Saint Patty's Day from our Family to Yours!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Where's Ellee?

What is she doing now?
After Ellee got in the cupboard she wanted me to close it! I was thinking- Seriously, aren't you afraid of the dark? I guess not!

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Winter Dress-Up

Ellee found the winter stash and they both decided to play dress-up!

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Nice Weather

Remember that 1 maybe 2 nice days we had in early March? Well here is what my kiddos were up to that day! Ellee found a winter hat, two different shoes of mine and a water soaker. It seemed like a good idea to her!

It was in the 60's and the back patio felt nice so we decided to eat lunch out there!

Now I have their picnic table out and it's freezing...not to mention the rain. Guess I better put the table away-AGAIN!

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Happy 6th Birthday Sophia!

We celebrated Sophia's 6th Birthday in the gym of the school she attends for Kindergarten (Midland Elementary). It also just so happens to be where her Mommy (My older sister) teaches. What a fun day for Sophia and all her cousins and friends! Thanks for a great Party!

MEGA scooter train

Then they got brave enough and went on their bellies

Happy 6th Birthday "Atta" We Love You!
(That's what Jackson called her when he was 2 and maybe even 3....he couldn't say Sophia and that's what came out...we have no idea how he came up with that:))
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A Girl and her Dog

Our dog Rylee has been getting some much needed attention these days! She has found that the kids absolutely adore her. Rylee can be found any given day with one of them for sure. She even falls asleep with Jackson at night. She's usually ready for her bed when I go to get her before I go to bed. I am just so glad that she adjusted so well to having little people running around her!

Isn't that cute?!
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Happy Birthday Grandma!

The entire McGowan Family celebrated Grandma McGowan's Birthday at a restaurant in Kirkland February 21st....her actual Birthday! It was a great day!
We Love You Grandma!
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Ellee spends at least half of her day doing puzzles. She puts together 25 piece puzzles in a couple minutes. This Care Bear one she loves and can do it in about a minute-because she does it so often. I LOVE that my kids love puzzles and love doing puzzles with them as well!

Jackson has always enjoyed puzzles too!

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Ellee's 1st Haircut

My Baby Girl got her very 1st haircut on February 17th. I have been trying for almost three years to grow it out....mainly her bangs and boy did it take awhile. Looking back now at it, I realize it was long. I LOVE it short and she does too!

Pre-hair cut

It was long!?!

Ellee was acting like such a big girl. Sitting still and looking in the mirror. I wasn't sure what to expect out of her!

The final result! Isn't she cute and all grown up?
That is my hairdresser, Sara, who is now Ellee's as well!
On the way home after the haircut Ellee reached back to touch her hair and in her quiet little voice she said, "Hairs all gone Mommy! Where did it go?" I had about a 1/2 second of panic and just realized she was a little confused! Let's just hope she doesn't put together the fact that she got her hair cut with scissors.....there are none in her reach around here, but she's crafty like that!
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