Saturday, May 30, 2009

Miss Ellee

This here is Ellee calling Daddy-0 to tell him that she climbed onto the counter, got into the cupboard, got the fish food, opened it and fed the fish WAY TOO MUCH not so many words!

This girl! My eyes were off of her for not even a minute and a half!

Earlier that day we were at Sophia's end of year preschool program and Ellee decided to go up on stage with the class and "sing" with them! There were parts where the kids had to stand up and sit down frequently and she did that too! Way to follow directions Ellee, like you knew what you were doing!

I was way too mortified to go up and get her (she was sitting on the end) and I knew she would scream if I did, so I waited until the song was over, grabbed her and went to the back of the church for the rest of the program!

Need I say more?
At least she's a cute little stinker!
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Birthdays & It's a Girl!

Happy Birthday Boys!

Ryan and Shawn celebrated their 34th & 32nd Birthday May 16....Yep born the exact same day, 2 years apart.

This picture here is the 2nd annual flex-off!

The official measurer! This is the real deal!

The boys have been working hard at the gym this past year! I believe Ryan was declared the winner. I think the flex-off has been a huge motivator for both of them. We're so proud of you boys! Happy Birthday! Until next year.......


We are soooo excited!

Especially this little one!

She's got a thing or two to teach this new one:)

My girl

Our Date

Jackson and I went on a date to see The Velveteen Rabbit at PHS a couple weeks ago. We met Auntie Tina and Marin there. We had a great time!
I love these special dates with my little guy!
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Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Crab Pot

We went to the Crab P0t with Shawn's family for an early Mother's Day Celebration. It was really messy and ALOT of fun!

If you've never been.....they lay all your food directly on the table and let you have at it! From crab, to corn, potatoes to shrimp, mussels and was all delicious! The kids thought it was pretty cool to eat directly from the table too!

Jackson and Marin holding their shrimp. They loved seeing the shrimp's eyes. Did I mention they really make you work for your food there? The shrimp has to be peeled before problem for these two though!
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Ellee's Long Lost Twin?

Do these two look alike or what? This is my friend, Dena's little girl Gianna!
(Click on her name)

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Ellee's 1st Bike

Ellee got her first bike from Grandma and Grandpa McGowan for her Birthday! She is so excited to have a bike of her own. She's almost got the pedaling thing!
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Preschool Singing

Jackson's preschool sang for the congregation at church May 3rd. He was so cute singing and doing the motions....I think he may have zoned out a few times, but then was right back in it! Here he is waving to us right after he walked on stage!

He is standing next to his "girlfriend" Olivia. She is in the afternoon class. Jackson was in the afternoon class at the beginning of the year, but was moved to the morning. (Huge answered prayer...daycare etc.) He met her the first day of school on a field trip! Her Mom and I have become friends.
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Ellee's 2nd Birthday Party

Ellee and the boy cousins!

Ellee, Sophia & Marin

Reagan & Ian
Their parents, Lindsey and Sean, are Ellee's Godparents.
Thank You for being so amazing!!!!

Don't worry Mama, I can still be your baby!

Ellee's cousin, Hilary

We can both be Princesses on our Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Girl!

I LoVe YoU!


(That's how you say my name these days.....just imagine it really loud and over and over again:))

By the way.....The bike party got rained out:(

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Ellee's 2nd Birthday

We took Ellee to T0ys r us to get a balloon and pick out a toy for her Birthday. Here she is waiting (patiently) for her Birthday balloon! She knew exactly why we were there and was really got to go at the beginning of April for his Birthday.

Finally! "Happy You" to me!!!!!

Trying to decide what toy she wanted.

and the winner is.......

What girl wouldn't want a purse that comes with a baby inside?!
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Friday, May 01, 2009

Hilary Elizabeth Diseth

The Diseth Family of 5

My sister had her sweet little girl!

Hilary Elizabeth Diseth

April 30, 2009

6lbs. 9oz.

19 1/4 in.

9:57 am

Welcome to the world!

The professional baby holders!

Hilary is Jackson & Ellee's 5th cousin!


Hilary and Ellee are the closest girls in age in our family......2 years apart exactly! Oh what fun they will have!

Congrats Diseth Family!

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