Friday, February 27, 2009

OH Goodness!

When the kids were called for dinner tonight Ellee went to the cupboard with Jackson and picked out a placemat and bib (just like big brother) she set it on the "kid" table, got on the chair and waited for her food. She has decided these past few weeks that she really is a big girl. This was the very first time I let her sit here to eat a meal. She only got out of her seat once. I'm not too sure we (Shawn and I) are done with the seat that straps to the chair though-Ellee probably has other plans!
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Preschool Work

Heart Stamps

Big, brown, hibernating bear

Remember when I was concerned that Jackson didn't like to color?
Now we're working on coloring with more than one color.
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Fashion Show

Ellee is such a fun, silly girl. She had a blast going through the closet trying on hats. It got to be quite the game after I started taking pictures of her. She had to see each picture after I took it!

I LOVE this strawberry hat! My friend Christina makes them. It stretches so I know I have a couple more winters with this one!

Christina made this one as cute!

Our little model!

This was Jackson hat when he was Ellee's age. It says, "Kiss Me, I'm Irish"

And then the fashion show ended-the model got distracted!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Old & New Friends

One of my dearest friends/roomate from College came to visit us with her family from Sequim. I have literally not seen Dena or Vince since their little Gianna was born. Believe it or not, it took our blogs to hook us back up! We both would leave comments on eachother's blogs like...My little girl does that exact same thing etc.

It was so much fun to get our kids together and us big kids! The kids played like they've been best buddies forever! So cute!

It was crazy to think how much these two little, cute, stinkers were alike!
So much fun!
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jackson's 1st Valentine Party

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Ellee's first sentence

"Here you go!"

Busy working....

....writing out Transformer Valentine's for friends at school!
Ellee has Elmo Valentines, but decided to chew a few into pieces.....sorry boys no Valentines this year!
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Jackson was the

Very Important Person at preschool!

This meant that he got to wear a special crown, a VIP badge, be the class helper, do calendar and weather, be the line leader, be the snack helper, do a craft project with me and bring in people and other things he wanted to share with his class. He chose to bring Daddy-O, Ellee and I. (He really wanted to bring Rylee, our dog, but I told him we could put a picture of her on his posterboard to share). Bad Mom, well maybe, but I knew I would have to contend with Ellee thinking she was a preschooler and raising havoc in Jackson's class.

Well Ellee did just that!

She was pretty darn cute though. At one point Jackson was sitting up in the front of the classroom with his teacher, while she was reading a story aloud and Ellee started pushing a chair through the preschoolers to join them up front. After she finally got there she grabbed a book, sat down and pretended she was reading to the class!

Taking Ellee to Jackson's preschool class really opened my eyes to something.....she's not a baby anymore! Maybe I should have clued into that when she climbed out of her crib the other day!

Jackson also had to complete an "All About Me" page with the help of Daddy-O and I that is hanging in the school hallway. Funny how parents don't know the answers to some of this stuff.....

The questions and Jackson's answers:

What is your favorite food? "Meat"

What is your favorite color? "Green and Blue"

What is your favorite thing about school? "Playing" (Music to a teacher's ear:))

What do you want to be when you grow up? "A Baseball Player"

Jackson, you will always be a VIP to your family!

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Cutie Pies

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