Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ellee Got Tagged

This is her "new look" these days for pictures!

Name/Meaning: Ellee Lenora

Ellee was named after my Grandmother Leila Lenora (She went by Lee). She died in March of 07 and Ellee was born in April of 07. My Nannie didn't know we named our baby girl after her. We really struggled with a name for her at first and then it came really clear to us. We both actually have loved the name Ellee since we were in college, but since then knew a few named that.....we tried to find another name, but came back to it. She is truly a little Ellee!

Age: 18 months

Nicknames: Ellee Belly, (Shawn actually makes up songs about her and uses words that rhyme with her name...belly, smelly etc.)

Favorite Activities: Playing with her babies, bringing me books to read to her, eating, watching Little Einsteins (She loves to pat along)

Favorite Food: Anything with bread

Least Favorite Food: Veggies (That's why she's been getting veggie smoothies...she loves them by the way because I let her drink it with a cup that has a straw...rocket drink from Denny's....who knew?) So maybe this doesn't qualify has her least favorite food anymore:)

Favorite Music: Itsy Bitsy Spider (she likes to do the motions), ABC's(she thinks she is singing along), Michael Buble "Everything" (She sings along with the La, La, La part)

Favorite Toy: Any of her babies, Little Einstein people, her brother's toys

Favorite Book: I don't think she has one yet....she's been carrying around alot of Elmo books lately though....Great!

What makes her happy: Bath time, getting to play with Jackson's toys, eating, Me (Jackson was never really a Mommy or Daddy's Boy, but Ellee is sure a Mommy's Girl, I know that may change still though)

What makes her sad: Not getting her way, getting bothered by her brother.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Maris Farms

Giving his sister a tractor ride. Jackson is so sweet to Ellee!

Ellee loved the cow ride!
Jackson roping a cow. (He said he learned from his friend, Ty Jacobs)

Thomas & Jackson

Ellee & Marin

We had a fun day with our Cousins!

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Parent Proof

Jackson took it upon himself to "parent/baby proof" our kitchen cupboards. He informed me he made a triangle. Nothing like a good 'ol fashion geo board.

And my personal favorite....when I open one drawer, they all open!
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True Blue Fans

Marin, Jackson, Ellee & Thomas
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Free Spirit

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Jackson's 1st Big Bike

Jackson is so happy and so proud to have a big bike with training wheels. He is still a little cautious when he gets going too fast(He's working on braking). I know this phase will be shortly lived! He and Daddy-O have already been on many bike rides together.

Look who's trying to inherit the tricycle.

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Shawn & Jackson carved a pumpkin together.

Jackson is so proud of it! In his words, "It's a scary pumpkin!"

He insisted on wearing his head sweatband for the picture as well. He must have built up a good sweat after all the carving!

Shawn needed a turn too!

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The Picture Says it All!!!!

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Fall!

We went to the Pumpkin Patch and found the "Great Pumpkin"

(actually a couple)

Jackson & Ellee had alot of fun searching for their pumpkins, eating, visiting the animals, posing for my many pictures and watching Daddy sling shot baby pumpkins. The weather was fantastic as well. We couldn't have asked for a better day!

Yep....Jackson's shirt does in fact say "Cow Tipper"
It actually says "Cow Tipper in Training, Oklahoma"
Shawn went to Tulsa for work a few days ago and got Jackson this T-shirt.

"I think I see my pumpkin!"

I want this one!

So many little time!

I absolutely love this picture of Ellee!
She likes making this face these days.

Happy Fall!

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Jackson's Lingo

As Daddy-O was sitting in the chair working on the computer (AKA Fantasy Football) Jackson was sitting at the bar eating his breakfast. Out of the blue Jackson said:

"Your wasting our time Daddy!"

Jackson knew we were going to the Pumpkin Patch after breakfast.

Love it!

Honestly, Shawn isn't on the computer that's usually me!

(Jackson pulled this phrase out by himself. About a week ago I said it to him because we were going to be late for preschool....Classic, as long as he uses those phrases on Shawn and not me:))

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Girls Trip

Shan, Becks, Missy, Linds and I went on a Girls Trip to Palm Desert!
It was wonderful!
My favorite part was........oh everything!
Thanks for a great time ladies!
Thank You Dads for staying home with the little ones!
Oh and Shan~ You are so right
"What happens in Palm Desert, stays in Palm Desert"