Monday, July 12, 2010

Mariners vs. Yankees

Thank You to the Brown's for inviting Shawn and I to the Mariners vs. Yankees game. We enjoyed our time with great friends from fantastic seats. Here is the view we had!

I tried to get a close up of A-Rod.

Here we are waiting and watching the Brown Kids run the bases after the game!

Thank You Brown Family!

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Rainiers Game

Shawn and I decided a Baseball game would be a great way to spend a beautiful, warm evening with the kids, so we took them to the Rainiers Game. We had a Blast!

Shawn thought it would be a good idea to sit along the fence since foul balls were flying everywhere and Ellee was too busy dancing around then sitting and watching the game.

I don't know how I caught her standing still for a picture!

We had a great night!
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Weather in the 90's

We had a really fun playdate with our friends when it was nearly 100 degrees!
Here are all the kiddos taking a break from the waterslide to enjoy icecream cones.
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Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer is Finally Here in July!

We have been having FANTASTIC, HOT weather........finally!

The kids have been spending every moment in it soaking up all the sun!

Jackson & Sophia

They have really enjoyed playing with their cousins!

Ellee, Sophia & Parker

This was Ellee's first time going down the waterslide. It took her three days to actually go down!

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4th of July

Our Friends, the Nasinecs, had a GREAT 4th of July Party! They live right down the street from my sister! We had a good time with friends and family! Thanks for hosting Tyce and Gina......we had a blast and the food was yummy too!

Tyce and Gina's son, Will. He and Ellee were born on the same day!

Tyce and Gina's Son, Drew. He's going to be in my class next year!

Parker taking Ellee to get a bandaid. He takes good care of her!

Uncle John and Sophia lighting off fireworks

Daddy-O and Jackson

Daddy-O and Ellee
(She always needs to do what all the kids are leaving her out anymore)

Luca and Jackson throwing pop-its

Hilary and Ellee


Daddy-O and Ellee watching the of my favorite pictures!

We organized a bike parade for the kids. Each kid decorated their own bike, scooter or razor and had a blast riding or walking (like Ellee) around the block.

Here are a few of the kiddos lined up for the start of the parade

Very Patriotic....boa and all!

Happy 4th of July!

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McGowan Cousins

Thomas, Jackson, Ellee and Marin wearing their Red, White and Blue!

We had a fun day playing with them at the park a few days before the 4th.

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The Beach

The kiddos at
"Camp Nana"
Ellee, Parker, Caleb, Sophia, Ella and Jackson
Ellee showing off her pretty shells she found at the beach.

Caleb, Jackson and Ella looking for squirty clams (that's what they like to call them)

Ellee and Parker are like two peas in a pod!


Parker is holding a crab here.....Can you see it up his arm? and yes he is wearing a shirt with flames on it (it's from the dress-up bin). It's one of his favorites from last year!

Ellee wanted to go swimming, but I was able to talk her into just walking in the water. She had no fear and didn't care that it was only in the 60's that day!

We are excited and looking foward to many more fun-filled days at Camp Nana!
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