Monday, November 09, 2009

Playing with Cousins

I've been babysitting Naomi's kids lately and have been recruiting helpers....Jackson is really good with his baby cousin Hilary! I was able to get lunch ready for them with the help of Jackson. Thanks Buddy!

Hilary is 6 months
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Ellee's Bedtime

It's a good thing I go into Ellee's room to check on her before I go to bed. And yes she has somewhere to sleep other than the floor! Notice her "cell phone" close to her. She must have had an important call that night!
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Trick or Treat?

Halloween is finally here!

The kids were very excited to Trick or Treat this year....I don't think Ellee had any idea what was about to happen, but she went along and got the hang of it after the first house.

They were very patient with all my pictures too!

On their way to the first house!

Counting and sorting the loot!

(As Ellee watched me type this blog post and was looking at the pictures of herself in her Nemo costume she asked, "Mama, trick or treat....ease!" aka please). I don't think she understands yet.

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Halloween Party with Nana & Papa

Nana and Papa Pedersen host a Halloween Party every year for the Grandkids. The kids were very excited to dress up and play at the party!
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