Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day with the Pedersens & Diseths

No more pictures please!

This is the best group picture I got of the kids!

The Diseth Family...... and a baby girl on the way in April!

Ellee & Parker

Jackson & Sophia

Merry Christmas to all!

Shawn waited a couple years for this blanket....since college Shawn has collected crown royal bags. He got this grand idea to have my Mom make a blanket out of them-Well he finally got it this Christmas! My Mom apologized to me, since it does not match anything in my house whatsoever! Shawn thought this was the best gift ever! Thanks Mom!

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Thank You Santa!

Ya Santa, a girl car!

I was so busy video taping Christmas morning that I forgot to take more pictures.

Santa brought us many wonderful things!
Here come all the baby doll items!!!!
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Christmas Eve with the McGowans

We had a fun Christmas Eve at Grandpa & Grandma McGowan's House!
Thank You for all of the "Awesome" gifts! (as Jackson would say)

Ellee couldn't get enough sledding after all the snow we had!
Thomas 2, Marin 4, Ellee 20 months, Jackson 3 1/2

Katie, Brandon & their newest addition, Pebbles!
Uncle Ryan, Auntie Tina, Thomas & Marin

Ellee was so proud of her new backpack....Thank You Auntie Katie!

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Christmas Eve Morning

Shawn decided he wanted to start a new tradition in our Family.....so Christmas Eve morning before we went to church we let the kids open a present from Mommy and Daddy. Shawn said he was always envious of the kids that got to open a present before church.

Ellee had to watch Jackson to figure out what she was supposed to do!

Jackson got a Transformer that provided hours of quiet play (even in church). It said ages 5 and up on it and even Shawn and I couldn't figure out how to transform it back to a truck? I think this one is Optimus Prime? I'm learning this boy stuff....after growing up with 3 sisters we didn't play with anything remotely like that!

Ellee got a cell phone and keys. She loves talking on the phone!
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Dumpster Diving Part II


Oh wait....it's Ellee dumpster diving again!
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I'm getting so big

I'm getting really big these days....I'm 20 months old today!
I really like to sit at my table and eat whenever I get the chance. This day I was really lucky to sit there and eat a cookie!

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Dancing with Daddy-O

Ellee's new favorite passion lately has been dancing.....mainly twirling.
She really enjoys dancing with her Daddy-O as well.
So Sweet!
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Monday, December 29, 2008

Let it Snow!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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The 2008 Nutcracker Ballet

This past Saturday (Dec. 20th) we ventured up to Seattle to see the Pacific Northwest Nutcracker Ballet. On the way up we thought we would encounter problems with the roads due to all the snow, but instead we sat on the exit ramp for 45 minutes due to Seattle TRAFFIC, the Gonzaga Basketball Game and ok maybe some snow.
We had a blast! Jackson has been very excited about this...I'm so glad we were able to go because everything else for him has been cancelled:( (His first Preschool Christmas Program)
We were not going to let the snow keep us from this fun!
The way home was an adventure in itself. It was snowing pretty hard and accumulating when the Ballet was over, so we drove about 30mph the entire way home....due to snow and ok maybe some traffic!

Thank you Grandma McGowan! We had so much fun!

Auntie Tina,Marin,Jackson and I

Auntie Katie bought us these yummy cookies! Thank You!

Jackson's favorite parts were:
"The peacock"
"The canons"
"The mouses"
"The nutcraker and his sword"

What a handsome little devil I have!
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